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All Maine Academic Team

The All-Maine Academic Team is part of the national Phi Theta Kappa program, an international honor society for two-year colleges. Students are nominated and selected for the team by their college based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and service. The All-Maine Academic Team program is co-sponsored by Camden National Bank, Bangor Daily News, Creative Awards of Scarborough, Phi Theta Kappa, and the MCCS.

2014 All-Maine Academic Team

Anthony Arcuicci

Anthony Arcuicci, Central Maine Community College, Auburn
Residence: Poland Age: 32 GPA: 3.6
Major: General Studies

Anthony's career realignment came after working 13 years as a telephone technician and moving to Maine. Initially planning to transfer after taking just a few classes at CMCC, he found himself thriving in the community college environment and decided to finish his degree. An internship at a dental office led to an interest in the field. He now plans to continue his studies in human biology with the goal of becoming a dentist.

I always thought studying was an innate ability that everyone possesses. I now know that like any activity, the more you practice the more effective you become. College teaches continual self-improvement, and the effects compound like interest at a bank. Nothing matches the return on investment than the education a community college can provide.

Allyson Phynney

Allyson Phinney, Central Maine Community College, Auburn
Residence: Norway Age: 22 GPA: 3.6
Major: Nursing

Allyson couldn't wait to graduate from high school and move as far away as she could, an idea that became less appealing when financial reality set in. After taking a year off after high school, and with dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner, she took an adult education course to become a certified nursing assistant, and began completing the prerequisites for CMCC's nursing program. This allowed her to work several part-time jobs while going to school. She plans to continue her education at St. Joseph's College.

CMCC was the perfect starting point. It has benefitted me in every way possible. I have met passionate, intelligent professionals that care about my learning just as much as I do. This educational experience has been so much more than I could have hoped for.

Mark McCue

Mark McCue, Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor
Residence: Newport Age: 48 GPA: 4.0
Major: Business Management

After overcoming personal challenges in his teenage years, Mark built a successful 20-year career as a lineman for a utility construction company. Changes in the economy left him unemployed and focused on a new challenge: obtaining a college degree. With a 4.0 GPA he is well on his way to achieving his goals. His career plans are broad, but he expects to concentrate on some aspect of business or finance. He knows whatever path he takes it will include helping others.

I now pursue something that I had always thought impossible. My future seems boundless, and I am anxious to see what lies ahead.

Christina Tirrell

Christina Tirrell, Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor
Residence: Dover-Foxcroft
Age: 28 GPA: 3.7
Major: Business Management and Health Care Secretary

Christina has juggled a full-time job and a full-time class schedule as she has pursued earning not one, but two, college degrees. An active volunteer for domestic violence awareness, her volunteer work is as important to her as her school work. She plans to work as a health care secretary while saving for her long-term goals, which include completing her bachelor's degree and one day owning her own wedding planning business.

I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today and cannot wait for my lifelong career to begin as a business woman.

Charles Feyler

Charles Feyler, Kennebec Valley Community College, Fairfield
Residence: South China Age: 40 GPA: 3.6
Major: Computer Science

After losing his job as a cook three years ago Chuck decided he needed a new career with better pay and more opportunities for a solid financial future for himself and his wife. Always ready to assist others with computer related questions, he works two part-time jobs, one as the IT director for the college's TRIO program. He is optimistic about finding full-time work in his field when he graduates.

Being able to get a degree in two years gives me the opportunity to start working when I graduate and work on furthering my education at the same time.

Keith Sullivan

Keith Sullivan, Kennebec Valley Community College, Fairfield
Residence: Fairfield
Age: 42 GPA: 3.9
Major: Medical Assisting

Keith is at a point in his life where many things are possible. A 10-year veteran of the United States Navy and father of two, he continues to find ways to give back to his community and his country. Initially nervous about his new college adventure, he says he focused on his goal of finishing his degree and finding employment in his chosen field. Eventually he would like to be a healthcare manager in the VA healthcare system.

I look forward to graduating with my associate degree and moving on to my bachelor's degree. I will achieve that and do it with pride.

Heather Carnes

Heather Carnes, Northern Maine Community College, Presque Isle
Residence: Presque Isle Age: 40 GPA: 3.7
Major: Accounting and Business Administration

Even with 17 years of experience, Heather found that employers were looking to hire college graduates. Initially, she planned to earn a degree in two years and then find employment. But she decided to stay an extra year to earn a dual degree and gain a competitive edge. She has excelled academically while juggling a full-time course load, participating in campus life, and caring for her elderly grandparents. When she graduates she plans to find employment as a bookkeeper and one day create a business consulting company.

I am learning the skills I need to become certified in various computerized accounting systems and many software programs used in business today.

Myasia Williams

Myasia Williams, Northern Maine Community College, Presque Isle
Residence: Presque Isle Age: 23 GPA: 3.9
Major: Accounting

Myasia packed her bags and moved from New York to Maine to join the Loring Job Corps program, where she gained the confidence to take a chance in college. No longer the shy teen she once was, she is a resident assistant at NMCC and has held numerous leadership roles on campus. She has been accepted into Bay Path College's accounting program and plans to work toward her goals of becoming a CPA and eventually a CEO of a children's hospital.

I faced my biggest fear and applied for college. Today I am proud to say that I am a successful college student, and I enjoy going to class every day.

Jason Glyn

Jason Glynn, Southern Maine Community College, South Portland
Residence: Buxton Age: 30 GPA: 4.0
Major: Liberal Studies

Jason dropped out of high school and worked as a welder, but found he couldn't get ahead without a college degree. Injuries then forced him to find a new career path. At SMCC, he has proved himself academically and was recently named Maine's New Century Scholar. An active member of the SMCC community, he plans to continue his education and pursue a career as a researcher or college professor.

I am not sure what my future holds but my pursuit of knowledge and success is far from over.


Jenny-Rose Mercuro, Southern Maine Community College, South Portland
Residence: Jefferson Age: 36 GPA: 3.8
Major: Dietetic Technology

A chef and self-described "foodie", Jenny-Rose found an educational pathway at SMCC that will allow her to provide a secure future for herself and her two children. Her instructors praise her strong leadership and management skills, which have enabled her to contribute in important ways to numerous volunteer efforts on campus and in the community. She'll finish her degree this summer and hopes to continue her education at Rutgers University with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian with a focus in public service.

It is not easy to raise children, work and finish a degree. I want them to grow up with the motivation and confidence to succeed.

Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller, Washington County Community College, Calais
Residence: East Machias Age: 53 GPA: 4.0
Major: Medical Assisting

A lifetime of helping others has prepared Cindy well for her chosen career in the medical field. Married and expecting her first child at age 16, she dropped out of high school. While she loved being a mother, she made the decision to earn her high school diploma through adult education. After raising six children, she focused on her next educational goal, a college degree. While enrolled at WCCC, she has cared for her elderly mother and worked part time. She looks forward to working in healthcare and dreams of one day being an RN or surgical nurse.

The medical field has always been in my blood. Once established I want to be in the position to volunteer or help anywhere I can.

Amanda Moores

Amanda Moores, Washington County Community College, Calais
Residence: Calais Age: 27 GPA: 3.94
Major: Human Services

When the nursing home she worked for closed and she was laid off, Amanda started on a new career path with the goal of becoming a children's counselor or therapist. An exceptional student, she has maintained a high grade point average, while volunteering for a number of campus and fund raising activities. She credits her supportive husband and 5-year old son for helping her achieve her goal of a earning her college degree. She looks forward to continuing her education and earning her bachelor's degree in mental health and human services by 2016.

With the degree now at my fingertips, I am eager for the next phase of my life.

Donna Harbison

Donna Harbison, York County Community College, Wells
Residence: Saco Age: 41 GPA: 3.9
Major: Behavioral Health Studies

Having been out of school for more than 20 years, Donna admits there was a learning curve in the transition to becoming a college student. She succeeded in balancing classes and family obligations, earning a high grade point average. Her own academic success allowed her to work as a peer tutor. She is described by her surpervisor as a "perfect blend of patience, maturity, compassion, and intelligence," qualities that will suit her well for her chosen career as a clinical social worker.

Miranda Marshall

Miranda Marshall, York County Community College, Wells
Residence: Sanford
Age: 26 GPA: 3.9
Major: Liberal Studies

A single mother with two daughters, Miranda realized she would need an education to provide a stable future for her family. A highly motivated student, she has earned praise from her supervisor for her work as a math tutor. From her tutoring experience, Miranda realized she could combine her creativity with her love of math and apply it toward a future career in electrical engineering.

I would like acquire my master's degree and pursue a career that will allow me to stay in my home state of Maine.

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