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Our On Course for College program provides high school juniors and seniors with the chance to enroll in college courses at a Maine community college, and to do so at little or no cost. If you attend a public* high school in Maine and are interested in taking a college course before you graduate, contact your local Maine community college and ask about On Course for College:

Central Maine Community College
Contact: Andrew Morong, Associate Director of Admissions; ph. 207-755-5448 ext. 204;

Eastern Maine Community College
Contact: Deborah Berry, Director of Concurrent Enrollment, ph. 207-974-4610;

Kennebec Valley Community College
Contact: Flora Stack, Continuing Education Coordinator, ph. 207-453-5014;

Northern Maine Community College
Contact: Elizabeth Crawford, On Course for College Coordinator; ph. 207-768-2770;

Southern Maine Community College
Contact: Molly Caso, Admissions Office; ph 207-741-5605;

Washington County Community College
Contact: Susan Mingo, Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services, 207-454-1032,

York County Community College
Contact: John Hall, Dual Enrollment Coordinator; 207-216-4419;

Through On Course for College we offer college courses on campus, at local outreach centers, online, and at area high schools.  To find out where and when courses are offered in your area, contact one of the individuals listed above. Wherever the class is offered, all of our institutions provide an exciting opportunity to experience college level coursework while you are still in high school. And successful completion of an MCCS course can save you time and money once you enroll in college.

In general high school students participating in On Course for College are required to have earned a grade-point average of B or better. But we recommend that you contact the community college you are interested in attending to find out its specific eligibility requirements and options.

*Includes the schools the Maine Department of Education lists as public and publicly-funded.