Put ME to Work

$500,000 available in new grant funding to create & enhance training programs across Maine

Are you having trouble finding skilled workers for your Maine business?

The Put ME to Work program is a new funding option offered by the Maine Quality Centers program. It covers 50% of the costs to create new training programs or enhance existing ones at Maine’s community colleges. Its goal: to support local businesses and industries in need of skilled workers.

How it works

Funded by the Maine Legislature, the program helps pay for the cost of training partnerships between Maine businesses, or industry associations, and a Maine Community College to develop or strengthen programs that support skilled in-demand and high-wage occupations and/or occupations in transition due to changes in work practices or technology. Program guidelines include the following:

  • Training can be provided to new hires or a company’s current work force.
  • Projects should result in recognized training outcomes that add to the competitiveness of both the worker and industry.
  • The program requires a direct or in-kind match by the business applicant of 50% of the total project costs.
  • The business must agree to hire trainees who complete the program at a rate at least $2.50 above the minimum wage.
  • The business must agree to pay incumbent workers who complete the program at or above the median wage for that occupation.

How to apply

The Put Me to Work program requires a business or industry association to submit a joint application in partnership with a Maine community college.

Training coordinators at each college are available to discuss the needs of your business or industry and the application process.