Info for High School Officials


What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

To be selected, a student must be—

  1. A junior in good standing and a responsible member of the school community;
  2. A Maine resident for at least one year before entering the first year at a Maine community college;
  3. Upon acceptance into college, able to attend college full time (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) for consecutive semesters in a program of study; and
  4. Able to do college-level work, but uncertain of college plans.

In addition, schools may take into consideration a student’s financial need and whether that student would be the first family member to attend college.

What’s the timeline for selecting program participants and scholarship recipients?

We ask schools to list the juniors who will participate by January 15, to send us juniors’ signed applications by February 15, and to decide which seniors will receive the scholarship by April 15.

How does my school work with the ECforME staff assigned to our students

Your school provides a contact—usually a guidance counselor or the guidance director—to coordinate with the ECforME Regional Director (RD) and ensure that students meet with the RD at school on the days when meetings are scheduled.

Are there other expectations of the high schools that participate in ECforME?

We ask schools to identify students in their junior year and give us three times the number of students we have scholarships for. We also ask the school to tell us which students may take a college course through ECforME as a senior and which seniors should receive a scholarship.

Will my school get reports on the progress of our graduates when they enroll at a Maine community college?

Yes. We send a Participation Report in the spring to each of our schools. This report includes demographic information, the number of scholarships provided to the school’s students, the community college attended by each student, and the number of students needing developmental (remedial) courses at college.