We help you explore community college and beyond.

Embark serves Maine students beginning in their junior year of high school and continuing through their second year of community college. Available for students at over 80 Maine high schools, Embark offers:

  • Personalized encouragement and advising as they seek to connect their interests to a college path
  • Help with selecting, applying to and enrolling in college
  • Support through the financial aid process
  • The chance to take a college course in the senior year of high school (at no cost)
  • For selected scholarship recipients:
    — Continued support and guidance at a Maine community college
    — A scholarship to a Maine community college (up to $2,000 over 2 years)
  • Help with applying to college and completing financial aid forms
  • Support and advising in high school and college
  • Scholarships to a Maine community college (up to $2,000 over 2 years)

Our Mission

To encourage and empower Maine students who need additional support as they transition from high school to college and to connect them to the academic, personal, and financial resources they need for success in and beyond community college.

Since 2003, Embark (formerly Early College for ME) students have been more likely to both return for their second year and graduate on time than typical community college students.

If you’re interested in learning more, check with your guidance counselor or contact an Embark staff member. Don’t know where to start? For more information, contact us.

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“[Embark] made college easy and understandable. It’s a way less scary experience to know that someone will always be there to help.”