Workforce Training, All in One Place

One-stop workforce training makes it easier to get the skills you need, right away.

Thanks to a historic $60 million investment, Maine’s community colleges are offering a streamlined, convenient workforce development program that will train 24,000 Maine people over the next four years.  That work will flow through the new, virtual, Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce.

The Center will pull together varied current workforce training efforts into a single, logical, and accessible system that weaves together opportunities for both short-term training and longer-term degree/certification attainment. It will also provide clear, affordable, educational pathways to Maine adults no matter where they are on the job skill development continuum.

The Center is backed by a $15 million grant from the Harold Alfond Foundation, $35 million through Governor Janet Mills’ Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan and another $10 million in matching funds provided by the private sector, other grants, and existing workforce training funding.

For more information, read about the virtual Alfond Center here. Interested in signing up for workforce training? Check out our current course offerings!

Highlights of the Center:

  • $60 million budget over four years
  • 24,000 people served at three stages of employment continuum
    Stage 1: short-term pre-hire training for 11,100 people lacking skills needed to get jobs
    Stage 2: upskilling training to 9,900 incumbent front-line, non-managerial workers
    Stage 3: continuing education in college courses to 3,200 people
Maine Jobs & Recovery HAF II MQC/Put ME to Work Remote Worker
Budget $35M over 3 years
$15.5M w/
$4M employer match over four years
$5.2M over 4 years
$1.2M over 3 years
# People Served 8,500  13,120 2,600+ 700
Stage Stage I Stage 2-3 Stage 1, 2 Stage 1, 2
Examples of jobs and Industries served Healthcare, Green Econony, Trades, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Computer Technology Employer driven based on Compact activity Healthcare, Green Econony, Trades, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Computer Technology Medical transcription, IT support, Customer Support administrative assistants and financial services