About MCCS

MCCS 2016-2017 Fact Sheet

Our students

  • Students enrolled in courses: 17,311  (fall 2016)
  • Percent Maine residents: 94%
  • Percent who enroll part time: 61%
  • Percent enrolling directly from high school: 48%
  • More than half of students report working more than  20 hours a week.
  • Percent of full-time, degree-seeking students who receive financial aid: 76%

Our alumni

  • Percent of employed graduates working in Maine: 92%
  • Percent of employed graduates who take a state or national licensure exam are successful in earning the certification they need to work in their chosen field: 98%
  • Students who graduated from a Maine community college with an associate degree during one recent three-year period earned an average first-year wage of approximately $34,000.

Tuition and fees

  • Cost per credit hour: $92
  • Average cost of tuition and fees for a year of full-time study: $3,600

Our colleges and programs

  •  Percent of residents who live within 25 miles of a Maine community college: 92%
  • Number of program options:  nearly 300
  • Percent of programs that are the only ones of their kind in the state: over 75%