Opportunity Maine

Maine residents who take out student loans, graduate from a Maine community college, and then work and pay taxes in Maine may be eligible for the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit (EOTC). The EOTC is based upon the amount of student loan payments made in a given year. Additional information about the EOTC and how to claim it is available on the website of Opportunity Maine


MCCS Average Annual Tuition and Fees

The EOTC establishes an annual credit limit (benchmark loan payment amount) for students graduating from a Maine Community College who apply for the Opportunity Maine tax credit. This figure is determined each year by the State Tax Assessor and is generally based on the average annual tuition and fees at the community colleges.


For a student
graduating in 
Average annual
tuition and fees
Benchmark loan
payment for
associate degree
2009/10 $3,300 *
2010/11 $3,300 $72.00
2011/12 $3,300 $68.00
2012/13 $3,300 $65.00
2013/14 $3,350 $66.00
2014/15 $3,400 $70.00
2015/16 $3,400 $70.00
2016/17 $3,600 $68.00
2017/18 $3,600 $74.00
2018/19 $3,700 $77.00
2019/20 $3,700 $77.00
2020/21 $3,760
2021/22 $3,760
2022/23 $3,760
2023/24 $3,760


You will need to know the benchmark loan payment to complete the claim form. For more information and to access the claim form, go to https://opportunitymaine.org/.