Tuition & Fees

The lowest tuition and fees in New England!

Maine’s community colleges offer one of the best educational values around. A two-year associate degree for Maine students averages $3,700 a year in tuition and fees, the lowest cost in New England.


 2019-2020 Charges Maine residents Out-of-state students
Tuition $2,820* $5,640*
Fees $800-$1,100 $800-$1,100
Books and supplies $1,400 $1,400
Room and board $5,400-$9,500 $5,400-$9,500


*Tuition for Fall 2019 for in-state students is $94 per credit hour. Most courses are 3 credits or $282. A full-time student taking 15 credits each semester can expect to pay tuition of approximately $2,820 in 2019-2020. For full-time, out-of-state students who do not qualify for the tuition reductions listed below, tuition will be approximately $5,640 at $188 per credit hour.


Room and Board

  • Residential options are available at five of Maine’s community colleges.  Kennebec Valley Community College and York County Community College do not offer housing accommodations.

Out-of-State Tuition Reductions

  • Residents of other New England states may be eligible to attend a Maine community college at reduced out-of-state tuition rates through the Tuition Break program, sponsored by the New England Board of Higher Education. Students who qualify for this program may attend a Maine Community College for 150 percent of the in-state tuition rate.
  • Residents of New Brunswick, Canada, may enroll in MCCS programs (on a space-available basis) at our in-state rates. Contact a financial aid office to learn more>>