Consumer Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires colleges and universities that participate in federal student aid programs to make certain information easily available to consumers. Each of Maine’s community colleges has posted as much of this information as possible to their individual websites. Consumer information for each college can be found at:

Central Maine Community College (Auburn)
Eastern Maine Community College (Bangor)
Kennebec Valley Community College (Fairfield/Hinckley)
Northern Maine Community College (Presque Isle)
Southern Maine Community College (South Portland/Brunswick)
Washington County Community College (Calais)
York County Community College (Wells)

Title IX Training and Info

MCCS Title IX Training for TIX Coordinators and Investigators
MCCS Title IX Coordinator Training
MCCS TIXC Coordinator Review and Resources Training
MCCS Title IX Investigator Training
MCCS Title IX Appeal Decision Maker Training
MCCS Title IX Informal Resolution Facilitator Procedures Training
MCCS Title IX Decision Maker Training
Thompson Coburn LLP Title IX Training Videos
SUNY Joint Guidance on Federal Title IX Regulations
Live Hearing Rules Revised
Sexual Harassment Intake Form
MCCS Secual Harassment or Assault Procedure Tracking Tracking
MCCS Title IX Confidential Investigation Report Template

MCCS Policies

MCCS COVID Information