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Make. Fix. Care. Create.

For those who DO

In Maine, we’re doers. We make. We fix. We build. We create. That’s our culture, and that’s our community college system at work. Maine’s community colleges are here for all of us – for those who know what they want, for those who are just starting out, and those who are looking to start over. You can do it, and Maine’s community colleges are here to help.

A Smart Start

For those who SEEK

Some people have always known what they want to be: a firefighter, a nurse, a chef. Others are still figuring that out. Wherever you are, Maine’s community college can help you get where you want to go. And they can get you there affordably. For many of our students financial aid covers the full cost of tuition and fees. It’s a smart start. So get going.

A Fresh Start

For those who DREAM

Do you dream about doing something different with your life? About finding work that matters? About starting something new? You can afford to do that at Maine’s community colleges. Come see us. We’re here to help you stop dreaming about what comes next and start doing.

A New Path

For those who WONDER

Everyday life—and the work and family obligations that come with it—can sometimes crowd out dreams for the future. If you wonder what else there is: to do, to make, to make a difference. If you wonder how to balance all the demands in your life with school, take a look at Maine’s community colleges. We’re affordable, flexible, and supportive. We’re here to help you stop wondering and start doing.

Maine’s community colleges:

  • Affordable
  • Supportive
  • Convenient
  • Hands-on
  • Flexible
  • Doable

This was the best choice for the first two years of my college experience. I needed online courses,
a short drive and an affordable price. This was a good fit.- S.P., Central Maine Community College

Community college is a great place to receive a hands-on education at an affordable price.- H.C., Northern Maine Community College

Community college is a good first step because of the quality and price.- A.C., Southern Maine Community College

My degree will allow me to be the best at what I do. I am grateful for the skills I have learned here,
and I am excited to see where else my education takes me.- M.E., Central Maine Community College

This college is filled to the brim with supportive, success-minded staff and faculty who
recognized the person I did not know I was meant to grow into.- N.B., York County Community College

Find out what you can do!

Choose from programs that lead to good jobs in the Maine economy or
liberal studies programs that transfer to a 4-year degree.

Take a look at what’s available and let us know how we can help you get started.

These colleges have what you’re looking for:

Central Maine Community College
Eastern Maine Community College
Kennebec Valley Community College
Northern Maine Community College
Southern Maine Community College
Washington County Community College
York County Community College