Maine Community College System Updates Masking Protocol

March 9, 2022

College presidents will determine masking policy at each campus

AUGUSTA, ME – The Maine Community College System is updating its masking protocol effective today, shifting decisions about masking protocols to align with community-based conditions.

Each college president at Maine’s seven community colleges will be responsible for determining the masking protocol for their college community based on local conditions.

Previously, the Maine Community College System (MCCS) had a single masking protocol that was adopted systemwide. This update moves the system to a local protocol, reflecting the latest COVID-19 safety guidance, which includes metrics tied to county-level data.

MCCS President David Daigler said the college presidents will use state and federal CDC guidelines, recommendations from health care professionals and their own first-hand knowledge of conditions in their local community in determining masking protocols.

“It may be that one college does not require masks while another continues to require them,” Daigler said. “Each president needs to decide the appropriate masking protocol for their community.”