Maine needs to grow its workforce. Part of that effort must be growing the skills of the people already working.

December 9, 2019

To continue growing Maine’s economy and to meet demographic needs in America’s oldest state, policymakers must take steps both to engage and empower potential workers already here while also attracting new people. It can’t be either/or — it has to be all of the above.

The 10-year state economic plan released by Gov. Janet Mills last week appropriately prioritizes growing Maine’s workforce as one of three main goals, and recognizes that this effort will take a multifaceted approach that not only attracts new workers to the state, but also reaches out to Mainers not currently in the workforce and builds on the existing skills of those already working so that they can advance their careers.

David Daigler, the president of Maine’s Community College System (MCCS), stressed in an interview with the BDN this week that the third piece of that equation — building the skills of Maine workers so that they can better compete in today’s economy — cannot get lost in the discussion. And he’s right. More»