No Tuition Increase for Maine’s Community College Students This Fall

August 9, 2019

News Release

Contact: Noel Gallagher
W 207-629-4028

AUGUSTA , ME — Tuition at Maine’s seven community colleges is unchanged this fall, part of an ongoing commitment to keep student costs as low as possible.

Tuition for Maine students remains at $94 a credit hour. For a full-time student taking 30 credits, the annual cost of tuition and fees will average $3,620, the lowest in New England.

Student costs are also offset with generous financial aid.

Maine’s community colleges award more than $36 million in federal, state, and institutional grant aid each year. The colleges’ low cost means that for 49 percent of all degree-seeking students – about 6,300 people – financial aid covers the entire cost of tuition and fees.

“We want to give our students access to a high-quality education so they can begin productive careers and begin realizing their financial goals,” said MCCS President David Daigler.

“By keeping tuition and fees low, Maine’s community colleges make it possible for our graduates to enter the workforce or more easily afford a four-year degree without being burdened with large amounts of student debt,” Daigler said.

Maine’s seven community colleges serve more than 16,600 students enrolled in for-credit courses and more than 25,000 people through degree programs, customized workforce training and non-credit offerings. Residential options are available at five of the seven colleges.

More than 90 percent of recent graduates are employed in Maine or continuing their education.