MCCS President urges support for proposed federal funding for key initiatives at Maine’s community colleges

October 21, 2021

Funding would double childcare space; expand training for loggers, electricians, and wind turbine technicians; support new aquaculture programs; and fund a new mobile welding lab

AUGUSTA, ME – The latest list of Maine projects included in the Senate appropriations bill includes more than $8.5 million for important programs at Maine’s community colleges, including aquaculture, logging, wind power and welding.

“Each one of these projects would result in more Mainers getting the training they need for good jobs affordably, close to home and in industries that are critical to a healthy Maine economy,” Daigler said. “Aquaculture, welding, logging and wind power technology are all key industries in Maine’s future economy, and we hear all the time that these businesses are desperately seeking skilled workers. Expanding childcare facilities is also desperately needed to improve access to education and training, and support our students with families.”

“I want to thank Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King for once again championing the people of Maine by supporting and promoting these projects,” Daigler said.

The projects are:

  • Eastern Maine Community College: $4 million, to expand and renovate the Katahdin Higher Education Center to increase access to childcare and additional job training resources.
  • Northern Maine Community College: $1 million, to purchase equipment and develop curriculum for the college’s Mechanized Logging Operations program. Students learn hands-on while operating highly technical, industry-standard equipment with field instructors.
  • Northern Maine Community College: $988,000, to expand technical and safety training for wind turbine technicians by hiring additional faculty and acquiring equipment. In collaboration with Maine Maritime Academy, the college proposes to become an international training provider in the wind power industry.
  • Northern Maine Community College: $567,000, to expand the college’s electrical construction and maintenance program.
  • Southern Maine Community College: $995,447, to purchase a mobile welding instruction lab that allows the college to offer in-person welding instruction to students across the state, instead of requiring all welding students to get training at fixed campus facilities.
  • Washington County Community College and Southern Maine Community College: $977,000, to establish an aquaculture program that includes seafood processing, logistics, transportation, marketing, and sales.