Menu of KVCC food programs takes students from farm to table

March 30, 2018

The culinary arts program, hand in hand with the sustainable agriculture program at the Fairfield school, trains students to produce food on the farm, prepare it in the kitchen and make a living doing it as a business.

FAIRFIELD — Alex White got tired of winning chili cook-offs with his unique Buffalo chicken recipe.

As a cook, he wanted something a little more challenging.

After graduating from Madison High School in 2014, White, of Athens, enrolled for two years in the culinary arts program at the Somerset Career and Technical Center at Skowhegan Area High School, while getting his grades up in the district’s adult education program.

Then in 2016, he entered the new farm-to-table culinary arts program at Kennebec Valley Community College on the former campus of Good Will-Hinckley. The two-year curriculum offers basic and advanced food preparation techniques, nutrition, menu planning, kitchen sanitation and safety, food purchasing and storage and meal serving. Read the full story»