Short Term Workforce Training Highlighted

August 3, 2023

Short-term workforce training programs at Maine’s community colleges are the centerpiece of a series of articles published by The EvoLLLution, part of the Modern Campus portfolio. The articles offer an in-depth discussion on various aspects of our short-term workforce programs and how to connect those students to degree and certificate programs for lifelong learning that is relevant, accessible, and affordable for everyone.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Serving 1000 Employers Through Short-term Programming

The workforce is looking for employees with the right skills to fill their talent gaps, which opens up a key opportunity for higher ed. But to deliver the right employees, it’s critical to deliver the right programming that will meet workforce needs. In this interview, Maureen O’Brien discusses the need for short-term training offerings, the challenges that come with delivering them and how Maine Community College System is serving over 1000 employers in their communities. With Maureen O’Brien, Workforce Development Coordinator, Maine Community College System.

Group of about 20 men and women facing camera and holding up certificates.

Recent graduates of the Manufacturing Technician course offered at SMCC in partnership with General Dynamics Bath Iron Works.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: What It Takes to Create Short-Term Workforce Programming

As the talent gap continues to grow, higher ed and industry need to work closer together to meet both employer and learner needs. Today’s learners need high-quality short-term programming to stay relevant and competitive in the job market. In this interview, Michelle Hawley discusses what makes a program high quality, administrative obstacles that can arise in short-term programming and how Maine Community College System is delivering on its promise to students.  With Michelle Hawley, Director of Statewide Workforce Advancement and Initiatives, Maine Community College System.

EXTENDING LIFELONG LEARNING: Opening Community College Doors to a 60-year Curriculum

A traditional curriculum isn’t going to cut it anymore for today’s modern learners. Instead, by providing lifelong learning, students will be able to come to an institution and take the programming they need in the moment, no matter what stage of life they are in. In this interview, Charles Collins discusses the importance of a 60-year curriculum, how community colleges play a role in implementing it and the impact it can have on the community. With Charlie Collins, Deputy Executive for Workforce Training, Maine Community College System.


Electrician instructor stands next to four sitting students testing electrical equipment on table

A nine-month electrician’s tech program is one of the short-term workforce programs available.

PROGRAM PLANNING AND DESIGN: What Goes Into a High-Quality Short-Term Program

As microcredentials continue to gain popularity in higher ed, institutions need to understand that they can’t be produced in a day. Strategy and careful planning are required to deliver something modern learners will be able to use. In this interview, Joseph L’Africain discusses the need for high-quality programming, what goes into it and associated challenges that higher ed leaders can encounter. With Joseph L’Africain, Director of Instructional Design and Assessment, Maine Community College System.

MARKETING AND BRANDING: The Evolution of Marketing in Response to Short-Term Offerings

Marketing today isn’t what it was ten years ago—especially with the increasing demand of short-term offerings. Simply marketing to a traditional-aged demographic won’t cut it anymore, and students know what they’re looking for from an institution. It’s critical for higher ed leader to be tuned into what’s being asked of them. In this interview, Heather Douglass discusses the evolution of marketing in higher ed, the challenges marketers still face and how Maine Community College System is able to market their offerings to serve 1000 employers in the state. With Heather Douglass, Director of Workforce Communications, Maine Community College System