Statement of MCCS President David Daigler on Gov. Janet Mills supplemental budget

February 3, 2020

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Community College System President David Daigler praised Governor Janet Mills for including $5 million in workforce training funds for the community college system in the supplemental budget released Monday.

The supplemental budget also includes approximately $1.7 million for continuing operations, which the governor originally proposed in her 2020-2021 budget but was not included in the budget approved by the legislature last year.

“This funding is critical to providing students and trainees with the low-cost, accessible, quality education they seek,” Daigler said. “We are grateful for the governor’s support and look forward to working with members of the legislature to ensure the funding is included in the final budget.”

Demand for workforce training and programs is up significantly this year, and additional funding will allow the system to expand its offerings across the state in multiple regions.

Funding for continuing operations will be used to meet contractual agreements with the system’s valued faculty and staff, and pay for ongoing expenses, such as energy and health care costs. The additional funding is critical to keeping the costs of higher education affordable for Maine citizens and maintaining the community colleges’ ability to offer the lowest tuition and fees in the region.

“The workforce development funds are equally important, particularly at this time,” Daigler said. “There’s a direct connection between the state’s investment in the system and our ability to subsequently expand our offerings, responding rapidly to the needs of the state’s employers and meeting the training and educational needs of the state’s future workforce.”