Hire skilled MCCS graduates for your workforce

Contacts at each of our colleges can assist you.

CMCC (Auburn)

Submit a listing to the CMCC Student Employment page or contact:

Elizabeth M. Oken
Director of Placement and Transfer Services
800-891-2002, ext. 239

EMCC (Bangor)

Emma Gibson
Workforce Development Student Navigator

KVCC (Fairfield and Hinckley)

Jillienne Hughes
Senior Administrative Secretary
(207) 453-5829

NMCC (Presque Isle)

Johna Lovely
Counselor, Student Affairs

SMCC (South Portland and Brunswick)

List an internship or job for SMCC students here.

Adrienne LaRoache
Director of Career & Transfer Services.

WCCC (Calais)

Tina Erskine
Director of Human Resources, Development, and Communications

YCCC (Wells)

Submit a listing to theĀ Student and Alumni Employment Opportunities page.