Find your future with remote work!

100% online. Quick training that qualifies you for remote work.

The global economy is changing. Working from home – “remote work” – is an increasingly popular and growing employment sector.

Job postings offering a remote option have increased 74% since the pandemic and studies show that 30% of the workforce will work remotely once a week. Remote work increases retention and productivity, while reducing costs for employees. On average, the cost savings in the reduction of transportation and working in an office is equivalent to a 10-20% raise.

Building a strong economic future for Maine means tapping into this growing marketplace, and Maine’s community colleges are making that happen through the Remote Work for ME initiative.

Occupational training for rural Mainers in occupations which are in-demand in Maine and can be done remotely. Occupations include medical office occupations, Medical Coding, IT support and virtual assistant. Training is grant-funded and free for students. Learn more about:

Remote Work Essentials for Professionals training gives learners the tools to be effective, healthy and productive remote and hybrid employees. This fully online course is self-paced and takes approximately 10 hours to complete. It covers the essential tools to maintain health and wellness, assess your readiness for remote employment, communication, teamwork and using remote tools such as video conferencing, Sharepoint, Slack and other communication tools. Learners will receive a digital badge upon successful completion.

Training is 100 percent online, so learners can complete courses on their own time. The Alfond Center partners with businesses who hire remote workers, ensuring courses are preparing trainees with the skills needed for remote jobs available right now.

Cost is $99, available upon request.

Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams incorporates elements of the Remote Work Essentials for Professionals course with additional emphasis and modules for leaders. A hybrid class with self-paced work and 6 hrs of Zoom class time, it provides supervisors with the tools to develop remote and hybrid practices for themselves and their teams. It includes information on recruiting and onboarding remote and hybrid employees, policy, tax, and benefit implications of remote employees, infrastructure and workflow, and establishing and maintaining remote culture. Classwork focuses on reflection and discussion of leaders’ own organizations and practice and is supported with additional readings. Upon successful completion, learners will earn micro-credentials in Remote Work Essentials and Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams.

Cost is $199 and you can register for one of the upcoming sessions at Washington County Community College.

Maine Workforce Development Compact members can receive a 50% match, up to $1,200, on all courses for eligible employees.

If you have any questions, or are interested in delivering Remote Work for ME programs at your institution, email us at