Make Maine’s community colleges your workforce partner

You need workers with the right skills, right now. We’re ready to help, with affordable and customizable training.

The Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce has grant money available to subsidize your training costs. Sign up for the Maine Workforce Development Compact or speak to one of our Workforce Development Coordinators to begin.

Employers can access up to a $1,200 match in training funds per employee by joining the Maine Workforce Development Compact. The application is easy and only takes two minutes!

Our short-term training is one of the many ways we deliver on our commitment to partner with employers to continuously develop a robust, skilled and diverse workforce in Maine.

We can design and deliver job training targeted for industry-recognized certifications, and have classes offered at flexible times. We can deliver classes at your work site or take advantage of our modern equipment and facilities on campus. We also offer classes online or at other convenient locations.

Maine’s community colleges are the smart choice to reinvigorate your workforce. Hear what other employers are saying about these ongoing low- or no-cost training programs.

For more information contact us at or reach out to your regional Workforce Development Coordinator.