Transfer or return to a Maine Community College

Good for you!

We’re excited to have you as part of our community and we’re here to help you find ways to use as many of the credits you’ve already earned as we can. There are different ways to do that, so you’ll want to start by contacting the admissions office to initiate a review of credits you’d like to transfer.

In the review process, we’ll go over which credits count toward academic program requirements, if the scores in those courses allow for transfer, and other details. If you’ve been in the workforce, earned third-party credentials, or served in the military, there may be other experiences that count toward academic credit. We’ll work with you to maximize your transferrable credits.

Each of Maine’s community colleges has also established a minimum number of courses that a student must take at the college in order to receive a degree or certificate from the institution.

How to obtain college credit for work and other life experiences

Students can be excused from certain course requirements or may receive college credit for experience outside of a classroom if they are able to document relevant work or life experience. This documentation can be provided in a number of ways including through the Credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP), challenge exams, portfolio assessment, professional certification exams, and other means. Learn more about credit for prior learning»

Transferring credits between Maine’s community colleges and public universities

A new, comprehensive block transfer agreement between the state’s community colleges and the University of Maine System makes it possible for students in Associate in Arts programs to transfer up to 35 credits of general education requirements to any one of the 15 institutions within the two systems.

For other students who are interested in transferring general education course credits from one community college to another, this course equivalency matrix provides a quick reference guide.  Although the chart is updated on a regular basis, students are encouraged to confirm the information with the school to which they wish to transfer their credits.

Admissions officers at each college can provide you with additional information.