Transfer from a Maine Community College

In fall 2017, 687 MCCS alumni enrolled in the University of Maine System.  If you’re interested in continuing your education after community college, here’s information to get you started.


Transfer Advisors and Services

Transfer advisors are available at all of Maine’s community colleges. Contacting them early in the process can save you time and money. Contacts are listed at the bottom of this page.


Transfer to the University of Maine System

Start at a community college. Finish your degree at one of Maine’s public universities. It’s affordable and the University of Maine System (UMS), in partnership with the community colleges, offers many helpful resources to ease the transfer process, including:

  • An online guide to help you determine which of your courses and credits will transfer
  • Transfer advisors at each of the University of Maine campuses
  • A block transfer agreement that makes it possible for students in Associate in Arts programs to transfer up to 35 credits of general education requirements to any one of the 15 institutions within the Maine community college and University of Maine systems.
  • AdvantageU: for MCCS Liberal Studies students, guaranteed admission to UMS with advanced standing.


Transfer from one Maine community college to another

This course equivalency matrix provides a quick reference guide for students who are interested in transferring general education course credits from one community college to another.  Although the chart is updated on a regular basis, students are encouraged to confirm the information with the school to which they wish to transfer their credits.


Other transfer pathways and partnerships

Maine’s community colleges have transfer agreements with many other colleges and universities—in Maine and across the country. These agreements are designed to make transfer to a four-year degree program as easy as possible. Students are encouraged to meet with a transfer advisor as soon as possible to understand what transfer pathways are available and how to take advantage of them.


Special transfer opportunities

  • MMA Prep: prepare for admission to Maine Maritime Academy at a Maine community college
  • Exploring Transfer: spend a summer at Vassar College taking courses and exploring transfer to a four-year, liberal arts college


Transfer Contacts

Central Maine Community College
Liz Oken
Director of Placement and Transfer Services
207-755-5239; 800-891-2002, x239

Eastern Maine Community College
Candace Ward
Associate Dean of Enrollment Management

Kennebec Valley Community College
Teresa Smith
Director of Advising, Career & Transfer Services

Northern Maine Community College
Johna Lovely
Counselor, Student Affairs

Southern Maine Community College
Margaret Fahey
Associate Dean for Curriculum Design and Articulation

Washington County Community College
Pam Feeney
Transfer Counselor

York County Community College
Career and Transfer Services