Early College for ME

Your bridge from high school to community college

If you’re a sophomore or junior starting to think about (wonder about) (worry about) what you might do after you graduate from high school, check out the Early College for ME program at Maine’s community colleges. For students at 77 Maine high schools, ECforME offers:

  • The chance to take college courses in the senior year of high school (for free)
  • Help with applying to college and completing financial aid forms
  • Support and advising in high school and college
  • Scholarships to a Maine community college (up to $2,000 over 2 years)

Take a look at what ECforME has to offer and what others have to say. If you’re interested in learning more, check with your guidance counselor or contact an ECforME staff member. Don’t know where to start? For more information contact us.

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The support ECforME has given me has really helped me transition into college and to know I do not have to do it alone.”