New Brunswick Exchange

Programs of study at New Brunswick’s 11 community colleges are open to Maine residents on a space-available basis and at roughly the same price they would pay at a Maine community college.

The Canadian colleges offer a number of programs not available at Maine’s community colleges, among them: international tourism, aquaculture, and digital photography. And the New Brunswick network offers programs in both English and French.

Maine students interested in learning more about the New Brunswick Exchange should contact the admissions office at their local Maine community college.  Information about the programs of study offered in New Brunswick is available at:

New Brunswick Community College (Anglophone)

Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (Francophone)

The Exchange works both ways: New Brunswick students can study at one of Maine’s seven community colleges on a space-available basis and at in-state rates.  More information is available to them through the admissions office at their local New Brunswick community college.