Info for students

Countdown to college: what you need to do and when

Schools choose students as juniors to participate in Embark. Juniors test in the spring for college readiness.

Embark staff help seniors apply for college and for financial aid. Schools decide which seniors will receive a Maine community college scholarship. Scholarship recipients continue to have Embark support for up to two years in college.

Responsibilities of Embark participants

Attend all meetings with your local Embark team member. Take the SAT as the Maine state assessment for college readiness, maintain “good standing” at school, and stay in touch.

Attend all meetings with your local Embark team member. Apply to and be accepted by at least one Maine community college, file the federal financial aid form (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1, maintain “good standing” at school, and stay in touch with Embark.

Helpful resources

Programs of study at Maine’s community colleges
Explore the nearly 300 degree and certificate options offered around the state. See what’s right for you.

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Start or access your FAFSA here.

FAME: Finance Authority of Maine
Scholarships and other information, including what you need to know about the need-based Maine State Grant. You may be eligible for this grant, but only if you file the FAFSA. Begin your FAFSA application on October 1. The FAME website also offers FAFSA Help and links to all required FAFSA tasks.

Prepare for the SAT with Free Practice
All Maine students have access to free practice materials through their college board accounts. If you have taken the PSAT you can link your results to Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT. If you have taken the SAT as a junior, you can do the same if you wish to retake the test as a senior.