Take a college course

Earn college credit while you are still in high school!

Maine’s community colleges offer high school students who attend a public high school, CTE or are home schooled in Maine the chance to enroll in college courses at little or no cost.

Studies consistently show that students who take colleges courses while still in high school are more likely to:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Enroll in college after high school
  • Persist in their college plans

Taking college courses may also help high school students to explore career options, alleviate high school schedule conflicts, earn general education credits, and take the first step onto a college campus. Maine’s community colleges offer several ways for high school students to take courses:

On Course for College

Take a college course on a college campus, online, or at our outreach center. Join other college students either on-campus or online to experience how college may differ from high school.

On Course at School

Many college courses are available in partner high schools as concurrent enrollment. These courses are taught by qualified high school or CTE faculty inside the school day. These courses are true, transcripted college courses and give students the chance to learn in a fully supported environment. Availability depends on local opportunities.

Spring Ahead (Currently available at SMCC and EMCC)

Seniors at selected high schools may be eligible for Spring Ahead. In this unique early college model, seniors spend their final spring semester on the local community college campus with a full-time schedule. Spring Ahead students finish high school and start college at the same time with support from a dedicated college coach and peer cohort. Students must meet all high school and college requirements and have the recommendation of their high school. Contact your school counseling office to see if your school participates.

Maine high school students interested in taking an early college course are generally required to have earned a high school grade-point average of B or better. We recommend that you contact the community college you are interested in attending to find out its specific eligibility requirements and options.

COVID-related note! All the colleges offer LATE START semesters, so high school students can sign up in September and not miss a class. Also, general education courses are being taught online this fall, so you can enroll at any of the seven colleges no matter where you live in Maine.

Community College Contacts

Andrew Morong
Director of Admissions

Lauren Quinn
Coordinator of Advising and Registration

Flora Stack
Coordinator of Harold Alfond Campus (HAC) and Concurrent Enrollment

Shannon Cook
On Course for College Coordinator

Molly Caso
Admissions Office

Nichole Cote
Associate Dean of Community Education and Student Affairs

Denise Young
Office of Academic Affairs