Take a college course

Earn college credit while you are still in high school!

Qualified high school students in Maine can easily enroll in for-credit college courses at any of our colleges – without paying any tuition or fees.

These early college options include the opportunity of taking community college courses online, at one of our campuses or outreach centers, or at a high school or Career and Technical Education center.

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Qualified high school students who are at a public high school, CTE, or homeschooled may take up to 12 credit hours for free each year, including during the summer. In general, students need a 2.7 GPA to qualify.

On Course for College
Under this program, qualified high school students can take courses at a community college campus, online, or at one of our outreach centers. Join other college students either on-campus or online to experience how college may differ from high school.

On Course at School
Under this program, students can enroll in for-credit college courses at their high schools or CTE, taught by qualified high school or CTE faculty as part of your regular school schedule. Advantages include not having to travel to a campus and the ability to learn with familiar instructors in a fully supported environment.

Spring Ahead (Currently available at SMCC and EMCC)
Seniors at selected high schools may be eligible for Spring Ahead. In this unique early college model, seniors spend their final spring semester on the local community college campus with a full-time schedule. Spring Ahead students finish high school and start college at the same time with support from a dedicated college coach and peer cohort, tuition-free with a book allowance. Students must meet all high school and college requirements and have the recommendation of their high school. Contact your school counseling office to see if your school participates.

Bridge Academy
Tailored for CTE students pursuing technical skill-based education, Bridge Academy is available at Eastern Maine Community College. Bridge Academy offers a tailored dual enrollment experience, supporting student who are learning a trade or skill with real life application with additional career assessment and advising while in high school.

Plus One at UTC (Available at EMCC) 

Under a partnership between EMCC and United Technologies Center in Bangor, high school students can earn up to a full year’s college credit. That means they cut their community college time – and tuition – in half for a traditional associate’s degree. Students can participate in the “Plus One” pathway if they are enrolled in automotive technology, business management, computer technology/coding, or computer technology/networking.