Frequently Asked Questions

What type of person gets selected for the exchange?
This opportunity requires academic achievement and demonstrated community service plus a sense of adventure and the maturity to conduct yourself as an ambassador for your college, family, and community.

How do I apply for the exchange? See your Dean of Students/Enrollment Services first. Then see the application form and instructions. If you have additional questions, contact Dorry French, George J. Mitchell Scholarship Exchange Coordinator, Center for Career Development: 699.4899.

Who is eligible to participate in the Exchange? Full-time students who meet all of the qualifications spelled out in the application materials and have completed at least one semester at a Maine community college or who graduated in the year prior to applying for the scholarship.

Can I choose which semester to go? Usually, if your exchange is for one semester, you can choose whether to go for fall or spring. Scholarship recipients must participate in the exchange within one year of the award and are expected to take a full course load while in Ireland.

What financial support does the scholarship provide? The scholarship covers tuition, books, and fees at Cork Institute of Technology, provides a living-expense stipend equal to $900 per semester, and includes an allowance for on-campus meals. In addition, the Maine Community College System provides a travel grant of $1,000. However, the stipend isn’t available immediately on arrival; therefore, you will need sufficient funds to cover initial living expenses. You will also need sufficient funds when you register with Irish Immigration, which you will do soon after your semester begins.

Can I participate in sports or other clubs during the semester in Ireland? Yes. There will be lots of opportunities. Check the CIT website for what’s available. Joining clubs and playing sports are wonderful ways to make friends and experience Irish culture on a deeper level.

Can I travel while I’m on the Exchange? Yes. You will need your own funds to travel and for entertainment, off-campus meals, and gifts. Travel is easy by bus and train, and you may find willing travel companions among your suite-mates and other friends. Travel is easy to other parts of Europe, too, and less expensive when you begin your trip from Ireland.